A downloadable game for Windows

Little demo done for the MFGG Jam 5, Based on the Original Nintendo DS Layout.

Credits : 

Nintendo - Zelda 

Galaksen/Vaporsea : Art (Like the DS Overlay) / https://vaporsea.itch.io, Twitter : @Vapor_Sea

Canine Lotus : Art and Music / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOUky79zg0Lc0HweQCkd59Q

WobBuffet : 3D Models / https://gameplexpramgrammer.itch.io

Luvaity : Coding (Unity 3D)

Install instructions

Attack with S, and Turn Mirrors when your near them with A, Move with arrow keys.

It supports Gamepad, South button for turning mirrors, West Button for attacking


Windows Build - 8-10-22

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